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Dog Obedience Training

Obedience training is one of the most important things you can do for your dog. A well mannered dog is a joy to be around and can accompany you to many places like campgrounds, parks, outdoor markets and even friends’ or relatives’ homes.

Not only is your obedience trained dog a joy to be with, but another side benefit of training is he will also be safer. A trained pet is unlikely to bolt out the front door when the opportunity presents itself. If he does happen to get out, he will return when you call him. This will prevent him from running the streets and possibly being hit by a car.

Dog obedience training is a great way to bond with your pet. While teaching your dog basic behaviors such as "sit" "down" "stay" "come" "off" and "heel", you are gently increasing trust and mutual respect between the two of you.

You may find that you enjoy obedience training so much that you decide to take it to the next level and prepare for and compete in obedience trials. To compete as a novice in an obedience trial your dog must be able to: heel on leash and complete a figure eight, stand for examination, heel off leash, recall, sit/stay for one minute and down/stay for three minutes.

Whether you decide to compete or just want a well mannered companion, obedience training is a must. Many people find that they prefer the structure and guidance of an obedience class. There are several types of classes available such as: puppy classes that help socialize your youngster while teaching basic obedience at puppy's level; novice classes that teach sit, down, stay, come and heel; and advance obedience classes that prepare you for obedience trials. We have several obedience trainers in our club. If you are searching for an obedience class, see the information below regarding the obedience instructors who belong to our club.  You can contact any one of them to learn more about their classes, experience and training philosophy.

Obedience Instructors

Here is a list of club members who offer

dog obedience classes in the Victor Valley area


Cindy Clark  *CCPDT - Daisy Dog Academy (Training Made Fun) Find out about Cindy’s classes and schedule on her website www.daisydogacademy.com You can also contact Cindy at (760)947-1339 or e-mail her at daisydogacademy@gmail.com. Cindy offers Puppy Preschool, Beginning Life Skills, Intermediate life skills, Behavior Modification, Fido Come (recall) and Clicker Classes. Positive Reinforcement based training is used to build trust, communication skills and enhance the relationship.

Drema Ellis, *CCPDT - Bow Wow’n Training  Go to Drema’s web site www.bowwown.com to find out about her classes and schedule. Drema teaches Puppy Manners classes and Adult Manners classes at Animal Care Hospital in Apple Valley. You can contact Drema at   (760) 242-0857 or bow.wown@verizon.net for more information. Bow-Wow’n training is based on positive reinforcement.

* CCPDT - Certification Council for Professional  Dog Trainers.  Go to www.ccpdt.org for more information on CCPDT.